QLTS – Revision MCT Tutorial Package Now Available

Photo by John-Mark Smith on Pexels.com

With the QLTS – MCT examination only a few months away, now is a great time to start your revision strategy. We offer revision packages for those who need to go through the key concepts and consolidate their MCT knowledge.

You may choose how to use your revision package.

Subjects available include:

  1. Constitutional Law,
  2. Judicial Review & Public Law (Administrative Law)
  3. Torts Law
  4. Criminal Law,
  5. Business Law,
  6. Succession,
  7. Contract Law
  8. Equity & Trusts
  9. Solicitors Accounts
  10. Taxation
  • MCT Revision Package includes: 10 hours private lessons with your tutor and examination tips.
  • Cost: Revision package is now available for £690.
  • All lessons via Skype or other available platforms.

Hurry now – Limited Places Available

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