OSCE – Criminal Litigation

Practice and Procedure Training

The course is aimed at preparing students for the OSCE Criminal Litigation Module.

Topics covered include:-

  1. Introduction to criminal procedure
  2. Investigative powers of the police
  3. Juveniles at the police station
  4. The role of the solicitor at the police station
  5. Initial hearing in the magistrates court
  6. Bail
  7. Preparation for trial in the magistrates court
  8. Summary trial and advocacy techniques
  9. The Crown court
  10. Sentencing and the Law
  11. Appeals
  12. Introduction to Evidence
  13. Visual Identification Evidence and Corroboration
  14. Inferences from silence
  15. Hearsay Evidence
  16. Confession Evidence
  17. Exclusion of evidence
  18. Character evidence

All topics include practice with case studies, advocacy workshops and practice in all skills areas as examined for the QLTS – OSCE examination. Students are given personal feedback and guidance by their individual tutor.

All courses are ONLINE with live broadcasts with their tutor. Students are also given materials and videos to watch.

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