OSCE – Civil Litigation Module

The syllabus in the OSCE civil litigation module covers:-

  1. An overview of the civil litigation system and rules
  2. Pre-Action strategies
  3. Alternative dispute resolution
  4. Commencing legal proceedings
  5. Obtaining and responding to default judgment
  6. Statements of Case
  7. Proceedings under Part 8
  8. Case Management and allocation of cases
  9. Applications to the court
  10. Disclosure of documents
  11. Evidence
  12. Settlement
  13. Final preparation for trial
  14. Trial
  15. Assessment of costs
  16. Enforcement of judgments

Skills learnt are:

  • How to prepare a case analysis
  • How to draft a statement of claim with particulars
  • How to draft a defence to a statement of claim
  • How to draft a counter-claim
  • Analysis of and drafting relevant court forms
  • Advocacy/Presentations
  • Interviewing the client
  • Letter writing with the client and other parties
  • Case studies

All courses are conducted with an experienced UK Litigation Lawyer and professional tutor VIA Skype (or other suitable platforms) with personalised feedback.

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