Diploma in Law- Syllabus

The Diploma in Law is taught through the Law Extension Committee.

Rule 53 of the NSW Admission Board Rules 2015 sets out the subjects making up the curriculum:

Group A – Compulsory Subjects

01. Legal Institutions

02. Criminal Law and Procedure

03. Torts

04. Contracts

05. Real Property

06. Australian Constitutional Law

07. Equity

08. Commercial Transactions

09. Administrative Law

10. Law of Associations

11. Evidence

12. Taxation and Revenue Law

13. Succession

14. Conveyancing

15. Practice and Procedure

17. Legal Ethics

24. Jurisprudence

Group B – Elective Subjects

16. Insolvency

18. Conflict of Laws

19. Family Law

20. Local Government and Planning

21. Industrial Law

22. Intellectual Property

23. Public International Law

25. Competition and Consumer Law

26. Understanding Legal Language and Legislation

A Student-at-Law who has passed all the subjects in Group A and three of the subjects in Group B is eligible for the award of the Diploma in Law.

They have, upon completion of the course, satisfied the academic requirements for admission as a lawyer of the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

Their position with respect to eligibility for admission is exactly the same as that of a person with an accredited law degree from a New South Wales university.

Please note that a Student-at-Law is not entitled to receive the Diploma if he or she has sat and passed fewer than half of the Board’s examinations.

In addition to completing the Board’s examinations or an accredited law degree a person who wishes to be admitted as a lawyer must complete a course of practical legal training (PLT) and satisfy English language proficiency requirements, if applicable, before applying for admission.

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