QLTS Assessment Process

The assessment will test the Day One Outcomes which set out the legal knowledge and skills that all solicitors must have at the time of qualification. There are two stages to the assessment:-

  1.  MCT (Multiple Choice Test)  – this is a 6 hour, 180 question test which assesses Part A of the Day One Outcomes;
  2.  OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination)- This assesses those parts covered by C, D and F of the Day One Outcomes. The skills tested include- interviewing, advocacy/oral presentations, legal research, legal drafting and legal writing in business, civil and criminal litigation, property and probate.

You must pass the MCT stage before you can progress to the OSCE part of the QLTS assessment.

English Level

There is no need for candidates to provide separate evidence of their English language skills prior to registering for a QLTS assessment.

However, as the examination is quite challenging, candidates need an appropriate level of written, spoken, reading and listening English to pass.