OSCE – Civil Litigation Module

The syllabus in the OSCE civil litigation module covers:-

  1. An overview of the civil litigation system and rules
  2. Pre-Action strategies
  3. Alternative dispute resolution
  4. Commencing legal proceedings
  5. Obtaining and responding to default judgment
  6. Statements of Case
  7. Proceedings under Part 8
  8. Case Management and allocation of cases
  9. Applications to the court
  10. Disclosure of documents
  11. Evidence
  12. Settlement
  13. Final preparation for trial
  14. Trial
  15. Assessment of costs
  16. Enforcement of judgments

Skills learnt are:

  • How to prepare a case analysis
  • How to draft a statement of claim with particulars
  • How to draft a defence to a statement of claim
  • How to draft a counter-claim
  • Analysis of and drafting relevant court forms
  • Advocacy/Presentations
  • Interviewing the client
  • Letter writing with the client and other parties
  • Case studies

All courses are conducted with an experienced UK Litigation Lawyer and professional tutor VIA Skype (or other suitable platforms) with personalised feedback.

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OSCE – Criminal Litigation

Practice and Procedure Training

The course is aimed at preparing students for the OSCE Criminal Litigation Module.

Topics covered include:-

  1. Introduction to criminal procedure
  2. Investigative powers of the police
  3. Juveniles at the police station
  4. The role of the solicitor at the police station
  5. Initial hearing in the magistrates court
  6. Bail
  7. Preparation for trial in the magistrates court
  8. Summary trial and advocacy techniques
  9. The Crown court
  10. Sentencing and the Law
  11. Appeals
  12. Introduction to Evidence
  13. Visual Identification Evidence and Corroboration
  14. Inferences from silence
  15. Hearsay Evidence
  16. Confession Evidence
  17. Exclusion of evidence
  18. Character evidence

All topics include practice with case studies, advocacy workshops and practice in all skills areas as examined for the QLTS – OSCE examination. Students are given personal feedback and guidance by their individual tutor.

All courses are ONLINE with live broadcasts with their tutor. Students are also given materials and videos to watch.

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REL’s and their status post BREXIT

Registered European Lawyers (RELs) have now a new status in the UK following BREXIT. The SRA has announced that they will no longer be able to provide ‘reserved legal activities’ after the end of December 2020.

Further the SRA will no longer accept applications for REL status after 29 March 2020.

RELs will need to re-qualify through the QLTS and/or the upcoming SQE examination if they wish to continue to provide reserved legal services in the UK after December 2020.

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SRA Confirms changes to foreign solicitor qualification criteria in the event of a no – deal Brexit

The SRA confirmed changes to rules, which would take effect in the event of a no – deal Brexit. This applies to non – UK solicitors and how they will qualify in England and Wales. 

Under current legislation, EU lawyers are able to apply for exemptions on a topic by topic basis from the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (QLTS), which all foreign qualified lawyers must take to qualify in England and Wales. No such exemptions are currently offered to lawyers from outside the EU. 

Changes to the current arrangements would be required in the event of a no -deal Brexit, as under World Trade Organization rules, it would no longer be possible to offer preferential treatment to EU lawyers. 

In future all foreign lawyers will be able to apply for exemptions, but these would only be offered on the basis that they cover the entirety of either or both parts of the QLTS. 

Whether exemptions are granted will continue to depend upon a case – by- case review of that lawyer’s qualifications and experience.

EU based lawyers wishing to apply under the current exemptions regime can still do so, providing their application is received before the date any no deal Brexit becomes effective. 

Whatever the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, arrangements for solicitors from Scotland and Northern Ireland will continue unchanged. The SRA consulted on these potential changes in December 2018 with feedback from stakeholders and the profession broadly in favour of the proposed approach. 

The government has now made legislative changes to the EU (Recognition of Professional Qualifications) Regulations which will come into effect in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

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SQE to be introduced in autumn 2021.

SQE to be introduced in autumn 2021.

The QLTS is to be replaced. The SQE (Solicitors’ Qualifying Examination) to replace the current QLTS system of re-qualification. 

The new assessment to ensure consistent, high standards for qualifying solicitors will be introduced in September 2021 with candidates facing fees between £3,000 – £4,500. 

The new SQE system will be divided into two (2) parts. 

  • SQE 1 – will primarily test the application of legal knowledge. The fee range is estimated between £1,100 – £1,650.
  • SQE 2 – will test the practical legal skills, with a fee range of £1,900 – £2,850.

These costs are based on an estimate of 35 hours of assessment, including written tests, computer – based assessments and simulations such as mock client interviews. These costs are indicative, as the SRA continues to work with Kaplan to develop and test the assessments. The SRA says that the final fee may be inside or outside this range.

The SRA says that the costs depend on whether the length and amount of assessment and whether it is offered both in English and Welsh. 

The SQE is aimed at offering more flexibility around training and work -based experience. This should help establish a competitive legal education market and give candidates more genuine choices about the route they take, such as solicitor apprenticeships, or law degrees that incorporate SQE training.

The SQE structure also aims to address the problem of the need to pay large up-front costs, (up to £16,700 for a Legal Practice Course (LPC), with no guarantee of a training contract or becoming a solicitor. Some aspiring solicitors find that they cannot progress, while others are put off trying to qualify altogether. 

NOTE : The new SQE launch date means that people who have started a qualifying law degree or law conversion (CPE) before September 2021 will be able to decide to qualify under the old system up until 2032, or alternatively under the SQE. From September 2021 all other apiring solicitors would need to qualify through the SQE.

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QLTS – Revision MCT Tutorial Package Now Available

Photo by John-Mark Smith on Pexels.com

With the QLTS – MCT examination only a few months away, now is a great time to start your revision strategy. We offer revision packages for those who need to go through the key concepts and consolidate their MCT knowledge.

You may choose how to use your revision package.

Subjects available include:

  1. Constitutional Law,
  2. Judicial Review & Public Law (Administrative Law)
  3. Torts Law
  4. Criminal Law,
  5. Business Law,
  6. Succession,
  7. Contract Law
  8. Equity & Trusts
  9. Solicitors Accounts
  10. Taxation
  • MCT Revision Package includes: 10 hours private lessons with your tutor and examination tips.
  • Cost: Revision package is now available for £690.
  • All lessons via Skype or other available platforms.

Hurry now – Limited Places Available


QLTS – Business Structures Module via Skype

QLTS Business Structures Study now available

via Skype with your private law tutor

Need revision for your MCT Business Structures Module. You can have lessons via Skype with your private law tutor via Skype to help you prepare for your examination.

Topics include:

  • Sole Traders – advantages and disadvantages
  • Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)
  • Companies
  • Taxation implications

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QLTS -MCT preparation- Equity & Trusts Private Tuition via Skype

QLTS Tuition available for Equitable Rights and Trusts

Help is now available to help you master your QLTS Equity and Trusts module. Topics studied include:

  • Creation and requirements of express trusts
  • Beneficial Entitlement
  • Resulting Trusts
  • Half Secret and Secret Trusts
  • Trusts of the family home- the establishment of constructive trusts
  • Charitable trusts
  • Non charitable purpose trusts
  • The fiduciary relationship and its obligations
  • Strangers as constructive trustees/ accountable as constructive trustees
  • Trustees
  • Trustees liability
  • Tracing trust property in equity
  • Equitable remedies

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QLTS – Property Law via Skype

Study QLTS Property Law with your private tutor via SKYPE

Need assistance to study for the QLTS Property law or are you feeling overwhelmed with the exams just around the corner. No need to despair your private tutor is now ready to help you with your studies.

The topics study include:-

  • The nature of land
  • Estates and Interests in land
  • Principles of unregistered title to land
  • Registration of title to land
  • Co-ownership of land
  • Leases
  • Easements and profits
  • Freehold covenants
  • Mortages

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QLTS – Taxation – 1: 1 Private lessons via Skype now available

Need assistance with your QLTS Taxation studies ? Your private tutor is now available to help you with your studies on a 1:1 basis via Skype.

Topics covered include:-

  • General Taxation Principles
  • Income Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Corporation Tax
  • Value Added Tax

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QLTS Professional Conduct – Revision – 1: 1 Skype lessons now available with your private tutor

Professional Conduct rules are an important part of the QLTS examination. If you need extra help to understand your 10 principles for your exam, your tutor is now ready on Skype to help you with your studies.

Topics studied include:-

  • Professional Conduct and the 10 mandatory principles.
  • Money Laundering
  • Financial Services


QLTS- Constitutional Law and Judicial Review Process – 1:1 Lessons via Skype

English constitutional law and principles are examined in the MCT of the QLTS. If you need to revise, your tutor is available on line through Skype to ensure that you are ready to sit your examination.

Topics covered include:-

  • Constitution and Constitutional principles
  • How the core institutions of state function and interrelate constitutionally
  • The prerogative
  • Public Order Law
  • Impact of Human Rights Act 1998
  • Judicial Review

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Hard Brexit impacts on QLTS

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has confirmed that there will be changes to the way foreign lawyers qualify through the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (QLTS) in the event of a no -deal Brexit.

Under current legislation, EU lawyers are able to apply for exemptions on a topic by topic basis from the QLTS- the examinations all foreign qualified lawyers must pass in order to qualify in England and Wales. Generally speaking, such exemptions are currently not offered to lawyers who are from outside the EU.

These current arrangements will need to be changed in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

No – deal Brexit means that in accordance with the WTO Rules, EU lawyers will not be offered preferential treatment.

In future, all foreign lawyers will be able to apply for exemptions, but these would only be granted, if all parts of the QLTS compulsory subjects have been studied during previous studies.

Note however, that the question of whether exemptions will be granted will continue to be considered on a case by case basis and will ultimately depend on the applicant lawyer’s qualifications and experience.

Importantly, any EU based lawyers wishing to apply for exemptions under the current exemptions regimes must do so before any no -deal Brexit date becomes effective.

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QLTS Private Tutor via Skype

The team is headed by Sofia Parastatidou. Sofia has been a lawyer since 1991. She is a native speaker of English and collaborates with international companies both in Italy and overseas in the areas of international law, commercial law and taxation. She is a graduate in Economics and Law.

Qualified as a UK lawyer and former member of the New York State Bar Association, Sofia trains lawyers, accountants and notaries both in Australia and overseas. She teaches law students at various universities, master courses and post -graduate courses. She also runs training courses for Corporate Counsels, translators and other professionals.

Sofia teaches Legal English, Finance English and Business English as well as Contract Law, Commercial Law, Company Law, Trusts, Banking Law, Intellectual Property, International Trade Law, Customs Law, Freight Forwarding, Aviation & Maritime Law, Franchising, Accounting and Taxation.

She has also held courses in UK/US Practice and Procedure Courses for judges in Bologna, Italy.

A registered TOLES trainer and examiner, Sofia is passionate about not only training up-and-coming lawyers in law subjects or language but also in soft-skill acquisition. To this end, she also holds training courses in effective writing, presentation and public speaking skills, debating, negotiation and mediation skills.

She provides consultancy to Italian professionals who wish to train and re-qualify in common law jurisdictions through the up-coming SQE (currently QLTS) or for accountants to become Chartered Accountants in UK.

Need Private Tutoring?

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Limited spaces are available for candidates sitting the QLTS – MCT, and OSCE in 2021 for private 1 to 1 tutoring. If you need some extra help, contact us today and one of our consultants will contact you to discuss your individual needs. Send an email to qltsprivatetutor@gmail.com

OSCE Online Private Tutoring

Many students need help getting their skills up to an acceptable professional level when sitting the OSCE examination. Practice and feedback are key to help you adequately prepare and pass the exam.

Tutors are available online to help you with your preparation to pass the OSCE exam. Places are strictly limited. To get more details contact qltsprivatetutor@gmail.com.

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