QLTS – Syllabus- MCT/OSCE

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Day One Outcome A – Core knowledge and understanding of the law applied in England and Wales

  • A1 – Knowledge of the jurisdiction, authority and procedures of the legal institutions and professions that initiate, develop, interpret and apply the law of England and Wales and the European Union
  • A2 – Knowledge of applicable constitutional law and judicial review processes
  • A3 – Knowledge of the rules of professional conduct, including the SRA Accounts Rules
  • A4 – Knowledge of the regulatory and fiscal frameworks within which business, legal and financial services transactions are conducted
  • A5 – Understanding of Contract Law
  • A6 – Understanding of Torts
  • A7 – Understanding of Criminal Law
  • A8 – Understanding of Property Law
  • A9 – Understanding of Equitable rights and obligations
  • A10 – Understanding of Human Rights
  • A11 – Understanding of the laws applicable to business structures and the concept of legal personality

Day One Outcome B – Intellectual, analytical and problem – solving skills

  • B1 – Ability to review, consolidate, extend and apply knowledge and understanding
  • B2 – Ability to frame appropriate questions to identify clients’ problems and objectives, and to obtain relevant information
  • B3 – Ability to evaluate information, arguments, assumptions and concepts
  • B4 – Ability to identify a range of solutions
  • B5- Ability to evaluate the merits and risks of solutions
  • B6 – Ability to communicate information, ideas, problems and solutions to clients, colleagues and other professionals
  • B7 – Ability to initiate and progress projects

Day One – Outcome C – Transactional and dispute resolution skills

  • C1 – Ability to establish business structures and transfer businesses
  • C2 – Ability to seek resolution of civil and criminal matters
  • C3 – Ability to establish and transfer proprietary rights and interests
  • C4 – Ability to obtain a grant of probate and administer an estate
  • C5 – Ability to draft legal documentation to facilitate the above transactions and matters
  • C6 – Ability to plan and progress transactions and matters expeditiously and with propriety

Day One – Outcome D – Legal, professional and client relationship knowledge and skills

  • D1 – Knowledge of the legal services market
  • D2 – Knowledge of commercial factors affecting legal practice
  • D3 – Ability to undertake factual and legal research using paper and electronic media
  • D4 – Knowledge to use technology to store, retrieve and analyse information
  • D5 – Knowledge to communicate effectively, orally and in writing, with clients, colleagues and other professionals
  • D6 – Ability to advocate a case on behalf of a client
  • D7 – Ability to exercise solicitors’ rights of audience
  • D8 – Ability to recognise clients’ financial, commercial and personal priorities and contraints
  • D9 – Ability to exercise effective client relationship management skills
  • D10 – Ability to act appropriately if a client is dissatisfied with advice or services provided

Day One – Outcome E – Personal development and work management skills

  • E1 – Ability to recognise personal and professional strengths and weaknesses
  • E2 – Ability to identify the limits of personal knowledge and skills
  • E3 – Ability to develop strategies to enhance professional performance
  • E4 – Ability to manage personal workload
  • E5- Ability to employ risk management skills
  • E6 – Ability to manage efficiently, effectively and concurrently a number of client matters
  • E7 – Ability to work effectively as a team-member

Day One – Outcome F

  • F1 – Knowledge of the values and principles upon which the rules of professional conduct have been developed
  • F2 – Ability to behave professionally and with integrity
  • F3 – Ability to identify issues of culture, disability and diversity
  • F4 – Ability to respond appropriately and effectively to the above issues in dealings with clients, colleagues and others from a range of social, economic and ethnic backgrounds
  • F5 – Ability to recognise and resolve ethical dilemmas

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